Creative Hotel Marketing Ideas for Luxury and Boutique Hotels

Creative Hospitality Marketing Ideas for Resorts,  Luxury and Boutique Hotels.

Hotel Marketing Ideas

While everyone in the hospitality and travel industry is looking for the next hotel marketing ideas to boost their bookings and increase revenue, sales and marketing directors, to the best-known hotel advertising agencies in New York, Miami, and The Caribbean, are overlooking incredible opportunities.

Amazing Advertising Campaign For The Hotel Market

“why beachfront resorts, luxury & boutique hotels don’t offer swimming classes to guests?”

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

As a father of two beautiful and smart kids, Jacob & Leah, on a recent trip to Riviera Maya Mexico, my wife, the kids, and me were enjoying a beautiful day by the pool.
It crossed my mind “why beachfront resorts, luxury & boutique hotels don’t offer swimming classes to guests?”  I can’t believe this is true but it was, it is.
It is a simple overlooked yet brilliant idea, to market your hotel to families everywhere in the world.

This is why this amazing marketing idea is ingenious and born to succeed. As a parent, swimming is one of the most important skills my kids need to learn during their early childhood. It is important for many reasons and while they can learn at the near swimming school, why not learn during vacation?

Learn To Swim During Vacation Campaign

The idea is simple; it targets families with kids who don’t know how to swim yet. The market is huge! Finding the time to take your kids to swimming lessons is usually scarce in our daily lives but not on vacation.
Hotels will be marketing safety and this is what parents are looking for peace of mind.

These are some of the title samples for your hotel marketing campaign strategy

  • Book your vacations at our hotel and we will teach your kids how to swim for free
  • Free Swimming Lessons for kids with your stay
  • Kids Club Free Daily Swimming Lessons
  • Learn To Swim during Your Stay with Complementary Kids Swimming Lessons

Benefits For The Hotel

The family market is one of the most important in the hospitality and tourism industry. Offering parents additional benefits will make your brand more attractive to your customers and will attract new clients.

Benefits For The Family

Peace of mind, something that doesn’t have quantifiable value. In addition, parents will have 1 or 2 hours free per day to enjoy their vacation.
Which opens the door for other activities within the resort or just tranquility, the beauty of doing nothing.

Revenue Opportunity

Luxury is all about offering leisure comfort tailored to demanding guests. Offering the ultimate private swimming lesson experience will create even more means of revenue.

Most Remarkable Advertising Campaign For The Hospitality Industry

Years ago, many hotels started offering Wi-Fi to attract new customers, those that jump at it first, gained over their competitors.
Offering service with the chance of becoming a standard before the competition is imperative for the leisure travel industry.
The average family vacation is 6 to 10 days; this is more than enough time for kids to learn how to swim or at least learn the basics; how to float and reach shore in any given situation.

Innovative Hotel Marketing Ideas For Resorts, Luxury and Boutique Hotels

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